254 SMO Pipes : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Kinnari Steel

254 SMO Pipes : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Kinnari Steel

254 SMO Pipes are in huge demand due to their multiple applications. Kinnari Steel is 254 SMO Pipe Manufacturer, 254 SMO Pipe Stockist & 254 SMO Pipe Supplier.

254 SMO Pipes
Kinnari Steel Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of best quality finishes 254 SMO Pipes. 254 is one of the hardest materials of austenitic stainless steel. We specialize in supply and manufacture of 254 SMO Pipes. We are the only company in the world with more than 50 tons of 254 SMO Pipes in ready stock.

We are exclusive in terms of our delivery model. We claim the fastest delivery in the industry. No other company comes close to our delivery as we have so much quantity available at any time for customer requirement.

We follow a stringent customer centric model. Our company’s objectives are driven by customer satisfaction. We have developed a great brand and trust in the industry in the supply of high nickel based alloys. Thus, any inquiry which involves special metals will always come to our company.

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What is 254 SMO?

254 SMO is designed for maximum resistance to corrosion. With chemical composition of high molybdenum and chrome, it is ideal for use in high chloride environments. It is often used in areas where 316 or 317l have failed to corrosion. It offers the most superior resistance to chloride. It is often used as a less expensive substitute for nickel based and titanium alloys.

Trade Names:

  • 6Mo
  • UNS S31254
  • Alloy 254
  • Werkstoff Nr. 1.4547
  • F44

Typical Properties:

  • Excellent resistance to crevice corrosion
  • Cheaper alternate to high nickel alloys
  • Best alternate to high chloride environments
  • High structural strength
  • Excellent welding

Specifications: ASTM A312 (Seamless Pipes), ASTM A813 (Welded Pipes)

254 SMO Pipes


Standard UNS Werkstoff Nr. EN SS AFNOR
254 SMO S31254 1.4529 X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7 2378* Z1 CNDU 20.18.06AZ*

Chemical Composition

Element Content (%)
Iron , Fe 55.69
Chromium, Cr 20
Nickel, Ni 18
Molybdenum, Mo 6.1
Nitrogen, N 0.20
Carbon, C 0.010

Should you buy 254 SMO Pipes?

254 SMO is often used as a cheaper alternate to nickel based alloys and titanium. It is also used where ss316 and ss317l are unsuitable to use. Thus, if your application contains high chlorine component 254 SMO Pipes will be an ideal choice to use.
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About Kinnari Steel

Kinnari Steel Corporation is the most popular vendor of 254 SMO Pipes around the world. We have supplied 254 SMO Pipes to all the 5 continents in the world. The major supply has been in the Middle Eastern countries. We have specialized in the manufacture and supply of special metals required by our clients. Our clients have heavy recurring demand for 254 SMO Pipes. Manufacturing 254 SMO Pipes is a challenging task, as we must maintain hardness as per ASTM standards. It is one of the hardest known grades of stainless steel for machining purposes.
At Kinnari Steel, we have 50+ tons of inventory if 254 SMO Pipes from ½” to 4” in both Seamless and ERW in ready stock. This inventory is replenished the moment a supply is made. We maintain a constant stock. By now you know, we place a lot of emphasis on client satisfaction. Our delivery is very fast and quality superior to all. We provide same day shipping to clients on urgent requests.

In our experience, clients face following problems for 254 SMO Pipes

  • Nonround shape of the pipe
  • Poor welding of ERW Pipe
  • Uneven surface of the pipe
  • Material very hard (Above 105 HRB)
  • Poor packing
  • Late delivery
  • Non availability
254 smo pipes

These are common problems faced by several clients who buy from other manufacturers. At Kinnari Steel, we strive for perfection and pay attention to the details. Each pipe undergoes in-house testing. 100% of the pipes are tested before they can be dispatched. Besides solving these problems, we provide following additional key solutions to clients.

  • Same day shipping service
  • Tie up with several logistic companies
  • MTC in accordance with EN10204 ; NACE 3.1
  • 3RD Party Inspection; NACE 3.2 Testing Certification
  • Government and Private Laboratory Testing
  • Better than industry standard packing and packaging
  • Product replacement warranty
  • After sales service
254 smo pipes

Case Study:

With each case study, we try to share our experiences with our visitors. 254 SMO is one of the more consumed grades of steel. The requirement is not high as other grades of steel. The reason being its use is extremely limited and to fewer applications, it is ideal.
We recently executed a project, where we supplied 254 SMO Pipes to an oil and gas refinery in Kazakhstan. The client needed only 30 meters, but urgently. We had the pipe in ready stock and supplied it immediately.

At Kinnari Steel Corporation we welcome orders of all sizes, large or small. We work with both major clients and small traders. The service given to each is similar. We aim at the best brand name and our efforts are be directed to spreading our products throughout the world.

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Types of 254 SMO Pipes

254 SMO Pipe : Manufacturer, Stockist and Supplier : Kinnari Steel
KSC is manufacturer & supplier of 254 SMO pipe . Huge stock of standard 254 SMO pipe is in ready stock. Send your enquires on kslok@vsnl.net
Brand: KSC
Manufacturer: Kinnari Steel
Model: Pipe
Product ID: 254SMO-P

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