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Stainless Steel Hex Bars

We, at Kinnari Steel Corporation, are very well known for having the highest stock of very high quality stainless steel hex bars, in the country. We are very efficient at handling, both bulk and small orders for the same. We have the fastest delivery service, giving appropriate priority to urgent orders. We also provide same day delivery on urgent orders. We also maintain a constant stock, so that the clients do not face the problem of unavailability of the alloy.

Over the last two decades, as the demand for stainless steel hex bars has increased, Kinnari Steel Corporation has seen a rejection rate of less than one percent. This is primarily because of our one and only motive, that is customer satisfaction. Our performance in the last few years has taken us to a platform of immense trust by the customers. We leave no stone unturned to make our clients happy.

Why use stainless steel?

Also known as Inox steel or inox, stainless steel is an alloy of steel, with a minimum of 11% chromium content by mass. It is better than steel in that it does not corrode (or stain) in water, like steel does. It is used where properties of steel and corrosion resistance are required simultaneously. It contains enough amount of chromium, which on reacting with atmospheric oxygen, forms a passive layer of chromium oxide. This layer prevents further diffusion of oxygen, thus preventing corrosion. Further, stainless steels show almost no deflection in the presence of magnetic fields. As the name suggests, they are highly malleable, and ductile.

Due to this large range of properties, stainless steel finds its application in almost every industry, the most demanding being chemical processing and oil industry. They are used in desalination plants, sewage tanks, ship propellers and harbor supports.

Also, because of the ability to combat corrosion at high temperatures, they are heavily used in power generation plants. Steam and gas turbines use stainless steel because of the high thermal resistance.

Stainless steel also finds application in architectural sector, namely for cladding, roofing and facades. Reinforcing bars are also made of stainless steel, owing to the corrosion resistance property again.

Catalytic converters and exhaust systems in cars also use the alloy extensively. It is also forming a major part of the structure of the automobiles these days.

Apart from these large scale industries, stainless steel is also used for making kitchen appliances and utensils, for obvious reasons. Food storage is also feasible in the containers made of steel as it allows the additional benefit of easy cleaning.

Hex bars are typically used for making parts that require polishing, grinding or machining. They are also used to manufacture aviation parts. It is used in the architectural applications like trimming and molding. They also form a part of frames that are meant for support. They form a part of enclosures, engine and machine components.

The problem

The market has been growing ever since the Industrial revolution. But unfortunately, so are the dubious practices. The customer ends up being the sufferer in the midst of malpractices. They often get trapped in the chain of commission. They have to pay much more than the product deserves. They are delivered products which tend to fail under high pressure. There are no mill reports to support the quality claims. They seldom have to wait for days before they get the products and after that, the suppliers no longer hold responsibility regarding the after sales services. The materials are inconsistent with the ASTM standards. Lack of proper knowledge often results in the supply of wrong grades, with inappropriate hardness. Poor surface finish is another issue. So, ultimately, it is always he consumer who ends up in a loss.

The solution

Kinnari Steel Corporation is well known for keeping customers away from inconvenience. Customer satisfaction has always been our primary motive, and we religiously follow all the policies which have been made keeping in mind the comfort and contentment of the customer. Our products are made in compliance with ASTM standards. We also have been certified by ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007.We pay special attention towards maintaining our stock and ensuring fast delivery, sometimes same day delivery on urgent requests. We also provide heat number on the products so that the customer is able to trace its history and applications. We are known for our excellent after sales services. We never fail to extend a helping hand to our clients, even after the product has reached them. Mill reports in accordance with EN10204 NACE 3.1, NACE 3.2. The impeccable surface finish and appropriate hardness of goods has impressed customers worldwide. The goods are tested both in government as well as private labs. The prices are highly competitive, and thus we ensure that the customer gets every benefit he deserves. We provide an additional benefit of product replacement warranty in case of product failure (though the chances of failure are nil). Once chosen, we guarantee being able to be the first choice of consumers in the years to come.

Stainless Steel Hex Bars Manufacturers & Suppliers:Kinnari Steel
Kinnari Steel Corporation, are very well known for having the highest stock of very high quality stainless steel hex bars, in the country.
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